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Several Kinds of Printing effect of tinplate
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Talking about the tinplate customization, the general tin box manufacturers will first understand the basic requirements of customers, such as the number of custom, printing requirements. But what specific tinplate printing effect, many customers still do not understand. Below, Xiaobian to introduce you to several kinds of common printing effect of tin.

Front tinplate packaging is the most common is the varnish, followed by dumb oil. There are some special effects of protective oil, such as explosive oil, orange peel oil, wrinkle oil, rubber oil, etc., but this special effect is often more extreme expression, it is difficult to be accepted by the public consumers, despite the current special printing The effect of the cost is not high, but very few tinplate use this effect.

Varnish: Good color performance, can improve the printing color of the bright, full color, glossy, in line with the traditional aesthetic habits of consumers.

Extinction: Based on the effect of varnish and dumb oil, in the metal over a layer of varnish after the foundation, the local printing dumb oil, gloss and touch the difference, highlighting the need to focus on the transmission of information, relatively more complex process The Extinction effect, around the black matte treatment, the middle "V8" Varnish highlight the brand focus.

Dumb oil: The opposite effect with the varnish is that it makes tinplate surface dull, with paper texture, very classical and elegant decorative effect. Orange peel oil: will make the metal has a corresponding touch, feel fine, and the effect of non-slip. The reason is called orange peel oil, a large part of the reason is that the surface of the tinplate is quite like the surface of the orange skin.

Rubber oil: The cost of this effect is more expensive, the use of the oil, feels soft, a bit like cloth touch, no iron feeling.

Explosive oil: The iron box surface layer of irregular explosion of the lines, was cracked, touch a bit bump feeling, light reflection to beautifully printed patterns rich three-dimensional, highly ornamental.